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"My case had been dangling for 32 years. Karlina helped to bring peace and a resolution that had been eluding me. Having delt with several attorneys, Karlina and her staff provided the needed attention with a true professional approach. Her staff was attentive and timely, office communication very good. I was also surprised that the billing was honest and I did not feel gouged as I have with many other offices. Simply put I was very satisfied."

March 2024


Paredes Justo, PC, deeply appreciates our clients when they share their experiences working with us. With a proven track record in handling divorce, child custody disputes, spousal and child support, property division, Marvin matters, and offering comprehensive consultations, we pride ourselves on delivering compassionate and effective legal solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. 

Professional and Attentive Family Law Attorney
March 2024

My case had been dangling for 32 years. Karlina helped to bring peace and a resolution that had been eluding me. Having delt with several attorneys, Karlina and her staff provided the needed attention with a true professional approach. Her staff was attentive and timely, office communication very good. I was also surprised that the billing was honest and I did not feel gouged as I have with many other offices. Simply put I was very satisfied.

A very caring professional and person
September 2022

Andrea Justo actually does care about your interests and makes sure you've considered all sides and options as well as risks.
Although these matters are never easy or pleasant, she made the process less stressful and harsh.
It was very nice to work with her. Her explanations were clear and straight forward and backed by a lot of knowledge.
More importantly, as I said in the title, she's a caring and warm person, something not so common.

Wonderful, Effective and Easy To Work With Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer
September 2021

Andrea represented me in a rather adversarial child custody situation and with my divorce. I couldn't have asked for better representation! Andrea translated all the legalese into English so I knew what the real issues were at every step of the process. She also educated me regarding what was happening at every step of the process and helped me focus on the best course of action for both me and my son. With her guidance we were able to resolve all of the issues much more quickly and with fewer court dates than I was expecting at the start of the process.
I highly recommend Andrea

Telephone Consult
July 2021

A couple of months ago my ex reached out to me stating she was planning on drawing on my military pension. We have been divorced since Sep 2007 and the written divorce agreement was that we would keep 100% of all pensions received. I was very concerned about my ex's inquiry about my military pension. I received a referral to contact [a law firm] for a free 1 hour consult to discuss my situation. I was immediately assigned an attorney to my case and was scheduled for a telephone consult to speak with Ms. Andrea Justo. Andrea immediately put me at ease and asked pin pointed questions to help her assess my situation. She thoroughly reviewed my divorce agreement, gave me valuable legal advice, and alleviated my fears. I will highly recommend Ms. Justo and [her] team to all my friends and family!

Intelligent, sharp, thorough!
January 2021

Karlina did an exceptional job of keeping me informed of what to expect during each stage of the divorce process. She was available on short notice, was extremely sharp, had excellent follow through and was always professional. One of the most important qualities, she listened. I always knew she had my best interest at heart and that of my children. I would have no hesitations hiring Karlina…!

Thoughtful, knowledgeable and honest
November 2020

During two very rough times in my work career, I utilized Andreas services to help me find the best course of action. In addition to her legal knowledge she was able to validate my feelings and acknowledge that what I was experiencing was in fact unjust. To find knowledgeable lawyers is easy but to find caring and supportive ones like Andrea is extremely rare. I truly respect her and believe she is the best the profession has to offer.

Deeply Appreciative
September 2020

Karlina helped me with a protracted and messy child custody case. I changed lawyers to her, and am so very happy I did. She undid the damage my first lawyer did on not being strategic, and helped deliver the best results for my children. She is honest and frank, never lead me on, is very familiar with many individuals at court and how to strategically operate within less than ideal scenarios, to ensure a positive outcome (which is not always guaranteed - she never gave me false hope). She was pleasant to work with, always available, would listen to my concerns and then offer options - either on the spot, or after some consideration would get back to me with her experienced opinion on the best approach. For context, my ex was extremely manipulative, devious, a narcissist, connected, and was represented be a seasoned lawyer. But despite the odds, Karlina came through for my daughters and I, after three years of struggle. I am deeply appreciative of all Karlina has done!

Extremely satisfied!!
January 2020

I hired Karlina as a consulting attorney to help me finish a 5 year long divorce process. I immediately knew I had the right attorney. I learned more from her in the initial consultation than I did from my previous attorney who cost me thousands of dollars over a 4 year period. Karlina is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. There was a chance I would be unable to settle and forced to go to trial with my ex. I was very confident in Karlina’s expertise should it have come to that. I 100% recommend Karlina!!!!!

Very professional
June 2018

I retained Karlina in spring 2017 to handle an issue with my vindictive ex girlfriend. She was extremely responsive (more than my prior attorneys) and was efficient in getting my papers filed. We went to court and the judge ordered a same day trial. She immediately cleared her calendar and prepped over lunch for a 3pm Trial. She had evidence thrown out, exposed the lies with my ex, and won the case for me! A huge relief. Since then I’ve reached out to her about minor support and custody issues that have come up and she’s always willing to help. I’ve referred several people and highly recommend her and this firm.

Excellent Advice, Professional, and Understanding
December 2017

I worked briefly with Andrea on an uncomfortable situation I had to deal with at my place of employment. The process of booking time to speak with her at her firm, as well as the consultation afterward were both fairly straightforward and easy. They were very upfront about their rates and scheduling. Andrea made time during a holiday week to help me out.
Andrea gave me advice about how to protect myself, answered all my questions, and worked through all the potential strategies that I might use to get the best outcome.
During my ordeal, I followed up with her--she took a legitimate interest in my situation and gave me advice that was appropriate for my situation. In the end, I got the resolution I wanted in part because of her advice.
Thanks so much Andrea. I highly recommend you work with her.

I highly recommend Andrea

I recommend Karlina with the utmost enthusiasm and confidence
December 2023

Karlina helped me get my future back, after a long marriage replete with physical and emotional abuse, and manipulation throughout the divorce process. Leaving that marriage after decades was very difficult and I could not have done it as successfully without Karolina’s support and advice. From our first meeting, she gave me a sense of strength and the certainty that she would be a zealous but reasonable advocate on my behalf. Never was she or anyone on the team aggressive just for the sake of being aggressive. I saw again and again that taking a reasonable, firm, and moderate approach delivered results even when the opposing party's behavior was outrageous. [Her team] was also quick to respond to questions and explain confusing elements of the process. I always felt like I could reach out if I had a concern. Unfortunately, divorce is expensive, but Karlina…really worked to reduce the cost by not engaging with pointless and unnecessary provocations. Her goal from the outset was to bring the case to a close as efficiently as possible. I would recommend Karlina to anyone with the utmost confidence and enthusiasm.

Attorney that has your back
December 2021

Karlina represented me in a complex, drawn-out, expensive divorce with custody and parental alienation issues. The opposing party was a seasoned attorney not hesitating to use any dirty tactic to win at all cost. Karlina presented the truth in a manner that was clear and loud, enough to turn the tide in the case after several previous attorneys. Karlina always had the big picture in mind and while preparing for the trial, she kept the settlement option on the table at all times. She never hesitated to advocate for the best option to proceed, sometimes against my first or second choice. And after looking back, with all the dust settling, she was absolutely right. She had the tactic, the strategy, and my back. Huge appreciation for what you did, Karlina! Thank you!

So Happy She Was On My Side!
February 2021

Karlina is one of the most fierce legal advocates I have ever had the occasion to work with. Fortunately, she was my own family law attorney and not the opposing party. Karlina was continually prepared, strategic, and helped me understand my options and the overall process. I always felt as if we had the upper hand, am grateful to have been able to avoid costly litigation, due in large part to Karlina’s ability to settle our issue so it didn’t end up an a drawn out court battle. Thank you Karlina!

Thank you Andrea - Amazing!
December 2020

I had a pretty complex divorce - at least from my perspective. Andrea always kept me informed and went out of her way to get the best possible outcome for me. She answered every question and addressed every concern. Her and the team were creative and diligent to ensure speed of the process and my peace of mind. The outcome was better than I expected and it was all done in less than a year during a pandemic. Thank you so much! I couldn’t have envisioned a better result! Highly recommend!

Excellent Attorney for Prenuptial Agreement
November 2020

I hired Andrea to review a prenuptial agreement on my behalf a couple weeks before our wedding. I was worried the time frame would be too short but Andrea assured me that it would not be a problem. During our initial consultation she walked through all of the aspects of a prenuptial agreement and was extremely helpful with all my questions. She was very quick to respond to all of my emails and phone calls. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. I would definitely recommend her!

Passionate, Intelligent, & Fights for You!!
July 2020

I hired Karlina at a crucial time during divorce and domestic violence proceedings against my ex. Karlina eloquently handled multiple chaotic scenarios to ensure my protection. She also made sure attorney costs were as minimal as possible. The options she presented were realistic and to the point. She was direct and knew when it was the right time to speak clearly with the judge. This frustrated the opposing attorney because Karlina made it very easy to see the severity of the situation. Karlina has the knowledge, determination, and resources to fight and protect good people. I'm very grateful she took on my case and will always recommend her to others.

Excellent Attorney with Great Integrity
April 2020

Andrea worked with me on my legal case from the beginning. She is knowledgeable, sharp, and personable. Andrea is very detail-oriented, so I knew all of the “i’s” would be dotted and the “t’s” crossed. Having worked with other attorneys in the past, I was disappointed with the quality of their work. I have high expectations and Andrea easily met them. Her grasp of my situation and challenges were exceptionally documented and presented. Andrea fights for her clients. She is genuine and has great integrity. I would highly recommend her.

Considerate, Caring, and Competent
May 2019

Karlina is a first class attorney! Early on in my case she was brought in to assist with the assigned attorney, but she made her mark because of her genuine concern for clients. She was always attentive, responsive and took the time to address any concerns and questions. I was able to work through my case in a very cooperative fashion as she recognized how we could move things forward together. Karlina knows the law and exceeds expectations in getting to know her clients. Her responsiveness and ability to cut through to identify priorities and know details of the case is unparalleled!

Impressed on a professional and personal level 
March 2018

I am so impressed with Karlina, both on a professional level and personal one. She is top notch, I knew when she represented me I was totally covered and she was in control and would fight for me. She made me reassured but at the same time was completely honest so I was prepared for anything. I am so thankful for her and her professionalism but also her genuine concern and care for me and my family. I don't know what I would of done without her in the midst of one of the most difficult times of my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services...

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